Startup OutReach Brasil

Startup OutReach Brasil is an internationalization program that is free-of-charge and supports the insertion of Brazilian startups in the world’s most promising innovation ecosystems.

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Startup OutReach Brasil's history

Since its beginning in 2017, the program has conducted 15 internationalization cycles in 10 different countries, attending more than 300 startups. All cycles were supported by experienced specialists in the target market to provide entrepreneurs the best experience possible.

Target Public

Startup OutReach Brasil aims to serve Brazilian technology entrepreneurs who want to immerse themselves in the world’s most promising entrepreneurship ecosystems and expand their businessto these destinations.

The program selects established Brazilian startups with revenues or that have received some
kind of investment.

The entrepreneurs must be fluent in English. The company’s entire staff must be dedicated to the business and it must demonstrate the ability to expand internationally without compromising its operationsin Brazil.

To apply for the program the entrepreneurs must fill out a form with general information about their business model, staff qualificationsand their international expansion objectives.

More information about the requirements for participation will be provided in a specific regulation, published when registration begins.

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